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Everything's As If We Never Said Goodbye

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

"Feel the magic in the making, why everything's as if we never said goodbye..."

...So say the lyrics of Andrew Lloyd Webber's song from Sunset Boulevard and that is what all of #SATSFamily felt on their first rehearsal back, in preparation for our biggest panto adventure yet: Treasure Island.

After 35 years of performing in pantomimes, Treasure Island will be my directorial debut. It was very emotional to see everyone gathered together (not on Zoom) working hard with our musical director Luke Twyford and the boys in the band. To see the smiles and hear everyone singing their hearts out – it certainly felt so GOOD to be back!

And so the exciting times continue as I start blocking the show and our new choreographer Megan teaches the dancers some incredible routines.

The cast have been measured and our costume designer Kat is, as always, creating some of the most stunning outfits that will dazzle our audiences with glitter and glamour.

Meanwhile working hard in the background are the Committee Rob, Amanda, Joanna, Laura, Emma, Martin and Beth.

Following the previous 18 months, everyone needs to return to the magic of pantomime. The cast and crew of Treasure Island are thrilled to be back doing what they love best and we know that when you all come and see us at the Mitchell Arts Centre you will have the best time ever – "oh yes you will!!"

Paul Brammer

Writer & Director

‘Ave yerrr booked yerrr tickets yet? No!? Aaarrrrgggghhhh well blow me down, yerrr best click here fasterrr than a clipper!

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